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We took on the challenging task and went beyond all the established boundaries to design fire like never before. It was difficult but we managed to develop solutions that allowed us to arrange natural fire in spaces you would not imagine, be it indoor or outdoor.

As the only company in the world we give you fully automatic fireplaces that guarantee convenience and safety. We carefully listen to our clients giving individually customized products. Our offer covers unique bioethanol and gas technologies that provide a lot of freedom in designing your perfect space with fire as the focal point.

The recognition says it all. Planika is global. With official subsidiaries in Europe, USA and Asia and an extensive distribution network we are present in over 100 countries around the world. But the success also lies in the concept of teal organization that Planika adopted. At the company there is no hierarchy and all the employees manage themselves to have freedom and influence on the products we create.


It started with a simple bonfire in the heart of the Australian continent, under the red Ayers Rock. Two tourists, Alfred Weilandt and Jerry Dabrowski were sitting by the fire, long into the night, listening to Aboriginal tales about a mythical Epoch of Dreams. The atmosphere created by the flames inspired the two to find an easy way to have the same fire in contemporary interiors.

They intended to overcome the existing difficulties in the form of soot, ash and the need for a chimney, all of which are associated with fire in an interior space. Contemporary lifestyle demands products that through design have a character of their own but are safe and easy to use. This sparked the beginning of Planika by the two founders Alfred Weilandt and Jerry Dabrowski. After months spent on designing and testing, they came up with a product combining the beauty of form and the comfort of use thanks to bioethanol fuel. But most of all a product that satisfies the atavistic need to commune with fire.

This is how the idea of Planika Fires was born.




The design process of Planika Fires takes place in the Planika Studio. The success lies in designing a new form that addresses ecological challenges and contemporary lifestyles. Design together with the technical knowledge and experience are the basis for every modern fireplace. Attention paid to details on every production stage from the initial concept to the final product, careful selection of materials and respect for nature allowed us to create a product that is following our sustainable agenda.

We are open-minded and draw inspiration from around the world. The busy world of today is full of creative impulses that foster young talents and inspire them to express themselves through design. We are cautious not to limit ourselves and we emphasize the role of development. Recognizing the importance of individuality and personal style we must stay open to fresh ideas as well as different perspectives. Aware of the significance of diversity we have created diverse collections with international designers.

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