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Discover Water Vapour
Technology for Fireplaces

Marvel at Planika’s water vapour fireplaces

Bring a unique atmosphere to your home without complicated installations, chimneys, or other obligations associated with traditional fireplaces. Water vapour fireplaces, using Optymist technology, are the most advanced devices on the market guaranteeing a stunning visual effect.

How does it work?

An ultrasonic device produces mist, which is illuminated by the ActiveLED system, simulating real flames.


Spectral lenses scatter light allowing for a full spectrum of flame colors and changes in their intensity. Multidimensional steam lighting gives a realistic flame effect, perfectly complementing any interior.

Why water vapour fireplaces?

Safety: The lack of open fire minimizes the risk of fire, making it a safe choice for houses with children and pets.

Easy installation: Water Vapour fireplaces do not require a chimney, making their installation easy in any part of the house.

Eco-Friendly: Operating on water, they are environmentally friendly and do not generate harmful emissions.

Stunning visual effect: Realistically imitates real fire flames, creating a cozy atmosphere.

No heating function: Comfortable to use all year round, even in summer.

Ease of use: Control the fireplace with a remote control, without getting up from the sofa.

Healthy choice: Great for allergy sufferers – the fireplace humidifies the air in the house.

Break Barriers with Water Vapour Fireplaces

Water Vapour Fireplaces are an excellent solution for both private homes and commercial spaces, such as restaurants or hotels. They allow for avoiding limitations associated with the installation of traditional fireplaces while offering a high level of safety. Thanks to their universality, water vapour fireplaces are an ideal solution for anyone who desires the atmosphere and warmth of fire without the need for complicated installation work.

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